Saturday, February 9, 2008

bmc awi, etc...

Not too long ago when I first started working with 54mm plastics I purchased a set of BMC figures for the American War for Independence. Price and availability are their greatest virtues. Realism is not.

Nevertheless, I wanted to see how a few of them would look painted up. Luckily, they make some Hessian fusiliers that aren't too bad and I picked up a number of them at the Columbus Toy Soldier show for $0.25 apiece. The photos here show one painted as a corporal of the Lossberg regiment captured by Washington at Trenton. The first BMC figures I acquired was the "Yorktown" set. I originally bought it simply for the small cannon included thinking that it could be used (and currently is used) for the ECW figures. The set included figures which represent Washington on a horse, LaFayette, and General Cornwallis. I think the Cornwallis figure looks more like General Clinton, though perhaps I'm looking at him too hard. He painted up easily, the plastic is fairly hard and takes paint well.

All in all, the BMC figures could be worse. Probably worth painting a few more. Especially since I've been in an AWI frame of mind.

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