Saturday, May 10, 2008

the big picture is a little scary...

So I took the plunge and ordered three more boxes of pikemen, four boxes of musketeers, two boxes of cavalry and a box of command figures from my local hobby shop. I also found that they had a box of artillerist on the shelf for $5. Scarfed that up, as well as a bag of BMC American Revolution figures (thinking that the cannon would do double duty). Once they came in I couldn't resist and simply had to sort them all out by pose and take a look at what I'd gotten myself into.

You can also see the state of my workbench... well, after a bit of cleaning. I must admit to being puzzled by the price charged by my hobby shop. I intentionally ordered through them rather than on-line simply because I know how tight things are when you're running a brick and morter hobby shop. Yet, they charged me $11.98 per box. As far as I can see MSRP for these figs is 10.98. Now, I'm not one to complain about supporting the store, but I might think twice before making another special order through them.

Clearly this will not be enough figures to put on a game of any size. But since I'm fielding both sides it's not like I have a set schedule. Nobody's waiting on me. I've yet to see any information on the number of cavalry that would be included in an army of this period. I suspect it would be about the same as the number of infantry. In any case my paltry eight horsemen will need to be beefed up. I also came across a non-specific warning about using the Haythornthwaite book as a reference. I suspect the clothing IS a bit too bright in the illustrations. Of course, that won't stop me since I'm not looking for a totally historic representation.

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