Saturday, May 31, 2008

bmc awi, etc., continued...

I'm always a glutton for project distraction. My projects never grow too large for my space, there are just too many projects that appeal to me. Though for the most part I've not been too tempted by 54mm figures. I've stuck (mostly) to my original plan of working in two periods: the English Civil War and the American War for Independence.

Having said that, though, I should also confess that I've picked up ten or twelve gladiators along the way. But that's a story for a different day. Oh, and the colonial British... and the Zulus... and the Spanish American War soldiers... and that one lone Confederate officer....

These are a few more of my original BMC purchase--recently painted. Specifically the Marquis de LaFayette and George Washington. General Washington's horse is a separate purchase from the Columbus Toy Soldier Show. Fifty cents, I think. The proprietor informed me that it was actually a horse from a 60mm Plains Indian figure. But it was such an animated figure that I felt the need to acquire it. The base has obviously been twisted over the years and a bath in boiling water didn't seem to help correct the awkward angle. I do think I'll glue a rock to the base, though, since the horse looks like it's avoiding stepping on something. The added weight on that side of the base won't hurt anything either.

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