Thursday, May 22, 2008

the march of the musketeers...

Interesting enough, there are no poses of musketeers firing included in the musketeer sets from Call to Arms. However, they do include four of them in the command set. Seems a little odd. Nonetheless, I'm glad to incorporate them into the musket companies.

All in all the musketeer figures are quite nice. The ones from the command set tend to be a bit larger than the others. I think this is due to the command set being the first thing issued by Call to Arms. If so, they're sculpting has improved considerably since then. I freely mix and match the Parliamentarian and Royalist figures as I don't believe there was much of a difference in them historically.

Following Haythornthwaite, I've used fairly bright colors and red seems to have been the most common uniform color of the time. Though I have been adding some variations in order to avoid complete uniformity. Since I'm working with 'the one true scale' I'm conflicted over whether I should adopt a more toy-soldierish look for this project or go for more of a realistic approach. As you can see the figures are still quite shiny. I've yet to flat coat them with anything.

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