Thursday, June 19, 2008

back on topic...

I've whined before about the limited number of poses available for plastic 54mm English Civil War figures. This is especially true for command figures where I'd prefer to have more individuals. It pays to have friends. I got an email not so long ago from Craig who said someone picked up two of the old Airfix cavalier/roundhead cavalry figures at a convention and given them to him. He also said that he doesn't need them both. Well, that's just rubbish since you can use all the ECW cavalry you can find but I know a good deal when offered.

Clearly, this is no generic cavalier/roundhead. This is a model of King Charles I. The face, the hair, the pointy little goatee... there's no doubt.  Well, no doubt if you use the King Charles head supplied and not the lobster helmeted head--in which case the model would be the perfect image of Cromwell. There are definitely some fiddly parts to this kit. The stirrups and bridle bits come to mind. But especially the knuckle bow and langets of the sword (I tried to attach them, really!). I decided to assemble the model before adding the saddle straps... not sure if that was a wise decision but one I must live with now. It is a pleasing figure, though. It even looks good all white. This is still a work in progress. The King's hat and plumes were missing as well as the base of the model. But those are easy enough to scratch build. Can't have the King running around bareheaded. After all, that head has some exciting times to look forward to.

By the way, notice the clarity of the details in the pictures. Auto-Focus-Nemesis has been soundly defeated!

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