Saturday, June 14, 2008

disciplined green troops...

The second regiment has been completed. While this is, ostensbily, a green regiment, it might be difficult to tell from their uniforms. The color that most catches the eye is the yellow of the buff coats on both the pikemen and the at-attention musketeers. This is obviously a well drilled unit... except for those musketeers on the right. Once again the physical size of the unit impresses me. And, once again, I'm concerned about the table size I'll need in order to play a game with these figures. In fact, I've found myself looking at a lot of 6mm and 10mm figures lately. Though I'll stick to 54mm for the ECW stuff, I may try War of Spanish Succession, SYW or even Napoleonics in a much, much smaller scale.

The figure used for the left flank musketeers is one of my favorite poses in the entire range. As the collection expands I'll probably replace the right flank slackers with figures of this pose. That will give me at least one regiment composed of well disciplined figures. Hmmm... I wonder how ahistoric that is...

The green pikemen contain two of the test figures I painted when working out plastic painting techniques. I still like the color scheme. While I'm finding myself steering away from the stronger yellows for buff coats... I guess buff would be a better color... I like the visual punch it gives these figures.

The right flank musketeers contain a variety of poses. And they are (mostly) sans buff coats. I'm not sure I like this version of the color scheme. I think when the time arrives to paint another green unit I'll use more of a true green rather than the faded bluish-green used on this unit. Though I doubt historic green units were able to keep their coats from fading to a more bluish hue after a few weeks in sun and rain.

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