Thursday, June 19, 2008

a gathering of horse, part deux...

Ha! Auto-Focus-Nemesis strikes again! Nevertheless, an eight figure squadron of 54mm cavalry makes for an impressive sight. I really do like these figures. Once again, a forthcoming game proves to be a wonderful inspiration for getting things done.

We had a game scheduled for last Sunday (a topic for a future posting). I started these figures on Wednesday. The horses themselves painted up quite quickly. I found that if I painted a horse, and then attached the rider, then painted the rider, I ended up handling the figure much less. This certainly saved wear and tear on the paint. I've also taken to mounting the figures on the bases before painting. For the horses I only mounted one horse on the stand and painted the other free-standing. For infantry, though, I've taken to attaching both figures before applying the brush.

How's this for a thundering herd? My only complaint with the figures is that all of the horses are in the same, rather benign, pose. Still, with some variation in colors and some slight positional changes when gluing the figures to the stand they don't look too uniform. These are warhorses, dammit! Not Lipizzaner show stallions! Conveniently, half the riders are swinging swords, the other half are firing pistols. Gallopers vs. Trotters, anyone?

Now here's a nice big clear shot. Unfortunately, it's the same figure that I painted weeks ago. So there's nothing new to see. Ah, well, they all look pretty much the same.

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