Sunday, June 15, 2008

a gunne arrives...

The bargain artillerists. While the Call to Arms figures are very decently priced, at over $10 for a single gun (with no crew) their artillery is not. Now, I lucked out by finding a box of artillerists at half price at my local hobby shop. But I haven't footed the bill for the gun, yet. The gun shown here is a BMC model that came in a bag of cheap American Revolutionary War figures. I suspect the gun trails should be a bit straighter to more accurately reflect an ECW piece, but I'm also sure there was quite a bit of variability in early English guns.

The artillerists themselves are nice figures. Very little undercutting on these. But careful observers will note one of the dangers of my painting techniqe: the sealing coat of glue on the figures remains somewhat tacky even after several weeks of drying time. I guess that's why it's called Aleene's Tacky glue! So when flocking the bases you must be careful to brush the flock off of the figures themselves. The tackiness is not so strong that the flocking is permanently attached to the figures, but it takes more than a quick shake or puff of air to remove it. A soft paintbrush works well.

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