Thursday, June 19, 2008

hurrying heavy horse...

Fairly often when searching the web for information on the 'A Call to Arms' English Civil War figures you'll come across a statement along the lines of 'Yes, the figures are nice, but there are no cavalry available.' Not true! The company makes two sets of 17th century cavalry figures.

I believe both sets have been available for at least a year. Or at least as long as I've been interested in the line. You can view photos of the first set of buff-coated cav in an earlier post. This entry deals with the second set, the cuirassiers. Now, these heavy cavalry figures may not be the most usable figures for wargaming the English Civil Wars as there were few regiments of heavily armed cuirassiers active on British soil. (Haslerigge's and Essex' Lifeguards, any others?) Dragoon figures may have been more practical. However, nobody wants to be without at least one unit of Lobsters. 'Haslerigge's Lobsters' is the latest release of figures in this line from 'A Call to Arms'. Here's hoping that they follow it up with some mounted dragoons. If they do, then I can't think of any other figures needed to round out the line.

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