Thursday, June 19, 2008

junior officer granted brevet...

My collection is a bit shy on command figures. Eventually I'll have to jump into conversions simply to have enough flag bearers. But I've been stalling on that. This gregarious sergeant is a stock figure. He'd probably make a good addition to the line troops but due to the shortage of gentlemen he'll be receiving a field brevet. Over on the Helmet blog there are some shots of this figure having undergone some conversion work to a standard bearer. Hmm... where'd I put that Green Stuff?

Of the two musician figures in the Call to Arms set, the flautist comes in a distant second to the drummer. He's got an uncomfortable and highly visible undercut supporting his flute and his size belies his cherubic facial features. I've never seen a flute played at quite this angle, either... though I'm certainly no expert in that department.

What do you do with a drunken sailor? Put 'im in the bunk with the Captain's daughter! What do you do with a drunken pikeman? Give 'im the colours in the front line of the tercio! This is an interesting figure. I like the design and sculpting quite a bit. It is a difficult figure to use for wargaming, though. I don't recall ever seeing a 'swill' command in the drill manuals. I'm also happy with the paint job. The flag is one of my first attempts at making printed paper flags which didn't turn out too badly.

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