Thursday, June 19, 2008

kudos to michigan toy soldier company...

Bravo! I've been told that  Michigan Toy Soldier Company provides excellent service. My first experience with them supports that. I recently ordered some more ECW figures from them and when I received the stuff it wasn't quite what I wanted. I had mixed up a product number and they had forgotten to give me an advertised discount. I was a bit disappointed and dropped them an email suggesting that they send me the box of figures that I really wanted in lieu of the discount. All in all, given the size of the order I thought this would work out to their advantage financially, though it would be a close call once shipping was added in. But to be honest I was expecting a reply of "Nope. Sorry. Tough luck." That was on Sunday. On Tuesday I got a reply: "Sure, sorry about that." Wednesday morning I got the figures. Wednesday night I got a notification that they had been shipped. Now that's what I call customer service. During their busy Christmas season they took the time out to make my first order a good experience. Thanks, MTSC!

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