Thursday, June 19, 2008

male modeling instincts...

 It's been a while but things are finally coming back together. Since getting the new camera I've been itching to test it out. However, I started a new job just two weeks before the holidays, and for the last week and a half I've been fairly, though not seriously, ill. The figure shown here is my first modification of a 54mm figure (see previous post). The painting was done mostly before the holidays, though I just finished spontoon earlier this week and the base about two hours ago.

Old School Wargaming be damned! You can see that I have succumbed to my modeler's instincts. I simply couldn't leave him as a glossy, block painted toy soldier. Since I've fallen off the OSW wagon I decided that I had to do some basing details, too. The spontoon is a simple piece of plastic rod with a plastic blade attached, the fringe is sculpted of plasticine clay, coated with cyanoarcrylate glue and painted--just as the sash and his upper left arm are. The base is a piece of foam-core, with a light layer of spackling on top to level it to the figure's base. A little bit of left over grout was sprinkled on top and then the base was painted a medium brown, dry-bushed with tan, then a wash of dark brown was applied. Lastly, a bit of flocking and some static grass was added.

I might add that I'm really, really happy with the new camera. Though it makes it a bit too easy to see all my painting flubs. Darn! just spotted a chip missing on his pants.

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