Wednesday, June 18, 2008

a touch of the blues...

Somewhere, on some computer, at some time, I saw a web site with a simple listing of coat/cuff/breeches colors for the various ECW regiments. Of course, I can't find it now. Haythornthwaite shows this blue/brown color combination as in use by the trained bands. However, I suspect it is generic enough to be used for any regiment on either side that wore blue coats. This is my third completed regiment and exhausts the color combinations used on my test figures. Guess it's time to do some actual research. Almost completed regiment. Base flocking is yet to be done.

Since I've been using the Haythornthwaite book as my primary reference, it has become shockingly clear that whoever the sculptor was for these figures he used the same book. Most of the poses are almost identical to the plates in the book. Here we have plate 18, figure 45; plate 19, figure 50 The figure on the far right does not appear in Haythornthwaite's plates though it is a common pose in many contemporary prints.

Here is a rather blurry photo of a few blue pikemen. I've come to despise my wife's digital camera's auto-focus. Typically I take about 5 bad pictures for each good one posted on the blog. If it weren't for the ease of transferring the digital photos directly from the camera to the computer I'd go back to using my Minolta SLR with macro lenses.

Plate 21, figure 54 from Haythornthwaite. Still struggling to find just the right color for leathers. The enlarged state of this picture also shows off the sloppiness of my painting. But they certainly pass the three foot rule.

This photo alone has made me intensify my search for a good matte coating to tone down the shininess of the figures.

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