Saturday, August 23, 2008

the return of the king...

It's been a long time since posting. But I've not been entirely idle. But this project does seem to be winding down. I've got two more 24 figure units to complete and then I still need a handful of officers and commanders. But after that it will probably take some game playing to inspire me keep cranking out ECW figs. Unfortunately, officers are a bit of an issue with 54mm ECW.

A Call to Arms ECW figure sets do not include any mounted officers. At first I thought I'd have to get out the conversion knife and see what damage I could wreak on a few flamboyant Confederates. But so far I've been able to avoid that.

A previous post concentrated on an old Airfix model of Charles I that was given to me. Furthermore, I got lucky on eBay and scored a cheap victory while bidding on a 1970s Phoenix figure of Charles I, too. The figures are not at all similar. The Phoenix Charles is one massive lead figure. He is considerably larger than the Call to Arms figures. In fact, the CTA caveliers, when mounted, reach only to Charles elbow. He's huge. He's heavy. He's a man of substance.

In contrast, the Airfix figure fits in nicely with the CTA figures. Being a hollow styrene plastic model he's a lightweight figure and I wish I'd given him a weightier base. C'est le guerre! The detail on this figure intrigues me. Especially the horse's head for some reason. My clumsy fingers and dubious eyesight simply can't do this figure justice. Nonetheless, it is a gaming piece and easily passes the three foot rule. I'm not sure that rule ever applies to 54mm figures, but it's good enough for me.

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