Saturday, September 13, 2008

the fleet floats...

It's been a slow few months for gaming projects. But I did hunker down and get my ship rehab project pretty much complete. I've still got one un-built galleon kit, but the stripping and repainting of the used models is complete.

For whatever reason, I haven't been able to force myself to rig these ships. Every time I pick up a spool of thread I start to scowl and put it down again. I think what's annoying me is that I haven't put the stays and ratlines back on the ships. I've figured out how to do it--make a jig, rig it up, coat the thread with cyanoacrolyte to give it strength, cut them from the jig and finally glue the ratlines to the ships. But I'm also certain that the sails will be in the way. These models just weren't designed to accommodate ratlines when the sails are not directly ahead. Since the models were already built I had little choice with the sails. Besides, the ships look more realistic with the sails pivoted. When I obtained the models they had ratlines printed on clear plastic film. The original builder, however, attached them in the most illogical locations--like half way up to the crow's nest. My one real regret with obtaining the used models was the amount of glue that had been used to attach the ratlines. If you look closely you can still see where the glue has completely obscured some of the details.

I did go ahead and add flags to the mastheads. Most of the paintings of Renaissance naval battles show a virtual forest of masts festooned with flags and banners. In keeping these as generic ships I didn't want to use historic flags (as if they could be accurately identified!) so I just slopped some paint sort of 'in the style' of what would have been used. Mixed results.

I'm sure what follows is photographic overkill. But it will have to suffice for some time. I'm in the process of packing up my hobby stuff in preparation of moving. The good news? Dedicated gaming space.

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