Thursday, December 30, 2010

shelving, shelving, shelving...

 Can you really have too many shelves in your game room?
No, I didn't think so. My game room came equipped with three, rather shoddily built bookcases. Of course, they were instantly filled. As far as I'm concerned an empty bookcase is an unnatural vacuum. It just sucks books right into it. However, the three bookcases did not fill the entire wall. Spacing them out evenly along the wall left two 20 inch gaps that just begged to be filled with display cases.

 So I put on my handyman hat. Clearly, Bob the Builder I am not. It took me a ridiculously long time to build two casket size cases and put some acrylic shelving into them. Well, and then I had to paint them. Haven't yet had the pleasure of pulling stuff out of boxes and filling the shelves. That will be a fun weekend project.

Since my painting buddy has been adopted I felt no need to put doors on the display units. Otherwise he would have been running away with my toys. Gosh, I miss the little guy. But he's happier now living with a family with kids who wear him out daily. It's a good life. Take a bow, little dude.

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