Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Dons Done, Finished, Complete...

If wargaming projects ever really get finished, then this is probably it. Of course, I still have four American flags to attach. Of course, I still need horses for the caissons. Of course, casualty figures and terrain stuff would add to the overall enjoyment of the project. But I'm feeling like it's a done deal. It's taken a long time. Maybe it's just burn-out?

Span-Am Spaniards are a rarity in 54mm figures. So I've stuck with the BMC Spaniards/Mexicans.  I only did a little conversion work, converting a BMC American Civil War general into a generalissimo, and did a head swap on a colonial Brit to make a Spanish light officer. Of course, I added a standard British officer to use as a foreign adviser. After all, Winston Churchill pulled a stint fighting with the Spaniards against the Cuban rebels. He can be seen in the previous picture.

I never did locate the evasive 1/32 scale Krupp gun that I wanted. So I had to fall back on an Accurate Confederate gun that I had sitting around. Since the crew members look distinctly un-Spanish to me I just painted them as Confederates. I'll just have to explain them off as second generation emigres!

I know the Spaniards almost always fought from behind some form of protection. My earthworks (originally made for my English Civil War figures) don't quite do the trick. But, throw some sandbags on top and they're certainly passable.

I am, however, very happy with the scratch built barbed wire. I've not seen any photographs of the typical rolled barb wire that is so prevalent in later wars. Everything I've seen shows barbed wire fences in Cuba. So my sections are built from bamboo skewers strung with lines carefully cut from nylon window screening. Simple, cheap, and visually effective.

It gets the point across. In total, seventy-four Dons, with one Confederate artillery piece.

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