Tuesday, February 28, 2012

my familia gladitoria...

Some projects never end. I have a collection of 25mm gladiators which are pretty much finished. But for some reason when I started gaming with 54mm figures I really wanted some big-fig gladiators. Of course, that was years ago.

But with the recent move from house to apartment and the substantial decrease in hobby space I've had to find a way to keep my hobbies active while most of the 'stuff' is in a storage unit a 10 minute walk away--close enough to be accessible but far enough away that I have to pre-plan whatever I'm going to be working on. Since I don't have a plan at the present time, I decided to keep these figures at home so that when the mood strikes me I have something, something, to work on.

So far, it's worked. Just a couple of weeks and I've got six newly painted 54mm gladiators. (Not my best painting, certainly not my best photography!) The first two are metal figures from Black Cat Miniatures. These figures are a little small for 54s. I think they're actually about 48mm or there about. They are the old Alpha Miniatures. There are a lot of very fine 54mm gladiators available with many of them commanding collector prices. The Back Cat figures are some of the most reasonably priced. I started painting these years ago. I've got another five to finish.

The next four figures are plastic figures from Pegasus Hobbies. They are fairly decent figures. Pegasus put out two sets of gladiators in both 1/72 scale and 1/32. Most of the 'Set #1' figures are useable for gaming though there is dead guy included in the set. 'Set #2' contains a vignette of a throat slitting (it's really well sculpted but a bit dramatic for gaming purposes), a vignette of a retarius with an ensnared opponent, two gladiatrixes, two dwarfs and two staticly posed male gladiators. Depending upon how you feel about the dwarfs and female fighters, you may want to skip this set if you're looking to game with them. Below are the two women from 'Set #2' and two of the fighting figures from 'Set #1'.

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