Tuesday, February 26, 2013

buccaneer bonanza...

The inventory continues...up next: buccaneers and colonial militia. I have two full shelves of books regarding pirates and buccaneers. For a few years it was my favorite period yet I never really gamed it. I picked up some odds and ends over the years but it wasn't until another gaming buddy really got into pirates that I ever bothered to paint any. But I have to confess, my motivation was not the figures themselves. My motivation was to scratch build a 25mm pirate ship. I did, used it and the figures in one game and eventually trashed the ship in a previous move. Been carrying around the figures ever since.

Once again, I don't know all the manufacturers. I think they are mostly Foundry and Redoubt with maybe a few Essex thrown in for good measure.

Note there are few unpainted figures at the end. "Never finish a project!" That's my motto!

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