Friday, February 1, 2013

old west, old figures...

I'm on a bit of a photography jag. Mostly inspired by getting all my gaming stuff out of storage after a year. Partly because I'm in a 'documentation mode'. I've been creating databases and spreadsheets to track my toys and books and photographing them seems like a logical next step. And it brings about another opportunity for a nostalgic trip down memory lane.
I'm not as prone to flit from one period to another nearly as much as some gamers. However, occasionally if a friend or local gamer is getting into a new period, and the investment is small, I may acquire a few figures to participate. Such was the case with my Old West figures. Even though I have no great interest in the period, I enjoyed painting up and running a gang in the mid-1990s for 'Desperado'. So here they are, the rootin' tootin' fightin' Mormans, the Bearded Bunch:

Here we have David Woodruff and Soloman Woodruff. Sadly, David's last stat card bears the ominous note, "Groin - bad." Bad, indeed. Soloman's card: "Chest - bad - immobile." These are both Foundry Dixon figures.
Next is Zachariah and Benjamin Woodruff. Zach's card also reads "Groin - bad." Ben's card: "Leg - no running - crawl only"  I'm thinking maybe I didn't enjoy that last game. More Foundry Dixon figures.
Zebediah and Ezekial Woodruff. Zeb: "Right Hand Hit." Zeke's card: "Head - bad - immobile." Zeb is a Foundry Dixon figure. Zeke is a Pass o' the North--one of those short lived but fondly remembered companies of the 1990s. 
And finally Francisco el Hijo, Jesus de Mexico and Benjamin Lincoln. Benjamin was hit in the "Stomach - bad - immobile." Francisco and Jesus both appear to have endured the last episode without injury. However, both expended all their ammunition. I like to think they defended their shot up companions. Francisco and Jesus are more Pass o' the North figures. Ben is a Foundry Dixon.

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