Saturday, June 26, 2010

a continental diversion...

I'd forgotten how enjoyable it is to paint 54mm figures rather than 28mm. There have been a couple of Armies in Plastic German figures in my bits box for a few years now. I picked them out of $.25 bin at a local show. I've not felt a great deal of love for Armies in Plastic figures. But now that I've painted one, I think my tune is changing

Ted Turner's 'Rough Riders' mini-series inspired me to paint a couple of the German figures. This was fun. Rather than stick with the Aleene's Tacky Glue method that I used with the ECW figures, I've been using artists' acrylic gesso as a primer. I am really impressed with the gesso. I goes on well, provides a nice 'tooth' for the paint to stick to. It doesn't adhere to soft plastic as well as the Aleene's, but I think it's quite serviceable. It does allow me to go back to using washes for shading. I really appreciate that.

Yes, I know there were no German combatants in the Spanish American War. Mr. Turner's history is a bit off, here and there.

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