Sunday, May 6, 2012

glacial gaming...

Not much gaming going on in my life. I've started rebasing some Wargames Factory Ceasarian Romans, bought some Numidian cavalry to augment them and some plastic Celtic cavalry to add to their opponents. To be honest, though, my inspiration has been seeping away.

I was tickled, however, when I found a toy cannon in a local antique shop. I'm guessing it's from the 1970s--maybe a gift shop item from Colonial Williamsburg or Jamestown or something along those lines. I think it will work well with my English Civil War 54mm figures. It's cast in some nondescript, copper-color metal and has black plastic wheels an inch and a quarter in diameter. The trail is split and functions for elevating the aim. The gun is missing the elevation pin but that's an easy fix. Interestingly, it is spring loaded. Pull back on the plastic loop at the breech end and 'let 'er rip!' The spring's not powerful enough to knock down figures, though, so I won't be doing any ECW Little Wars. Still, it's a nice little addition.

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  1. If I remember, that gun will also sharpen pencils . Just don't bring it to school!